5 Ways to Spot a Super Biller

Post by Petria McKelvey, CEO
Think about it, with a super biller you will never be broke! Am I wrong in assuming that being super holds more value, absolutely not. As a business owner in this industry, you cross paths with so many different types of people. The niche is being able to identify that unique individual that will give you the most “bang for your buck”. I love meeting new people and finding those things about them that makes them great, this always amazes me. I have been billing for over 25 years and it never gets old for me. My love for numbers has expanded over time and throughout my career.
Now enough about me but how do I identify a “Super Biller”, take notes…

  • Knowledge

The first and most obvious thing you should look for in an amazing medical biller is that they are up-to-date and proficient on medical codes and the revenue cycle management (RCM) process. Keeping up on the many challenges and changes in medical billing is a necessary part of the industry. Continuing their education in medical billing is also an obligatory trait for the employee that can help save you tons of money each year.

  • Communication

Good communication skills is another thing to look for in a super biller. This will be an obvious one, but it cannot be overlooked. You need someone who is able to reach out to insurance companies and who is very capable of getting their point across effectively yet eloquently.

  • Motivated

Find someone who is extremely proactive! They need to be able to chase down any and every lead they may sniff out. Your super biller needs to be part of the team, but also incredibly self-motivated. A good word for them would be tenacious. They are unable to let little things go and have to run down every penny. Sometimes they may seem introverted, but they are actually digging deep to recover your revenue. Your claims are one of the most important parts of their job because that’s how you get paid and that’s how you pay your team! Your super biller will be your rockstar.

  • Focused

Is your super biller focused on the bottom line? They should be! This is the whole point of their job- to find every dime that belongs to your business. They have to be smart, and sometimes play tug-of-war with insurance companies in order to secure your money. Your biller will know the implications of where your revenue stands and where it should be. Understanding that medical billing is how you and your team get paid is something a super biller will recognize and be motivated by.

  • Analysis Paralysis

Your super biller needs to have something we at Precision Medical Billing like to call analysis paralysis. A good super biller will not leave the computer or get distracted by another email. They will be completely focused on getting your money. Three hours spent to find a dime? That’s the type of person you’re looking for to add to your agency or team. Sometimes they may be quiet and seemingly calm, but they are actually intent on collecting revenue. They won’t be able to move on to another project without finishing what they’re working on first. Claims will never go unsearched for. Leads will always be followed up with. Your money will always be found.

Take it from a super biller: what you need is a person that possess tenacity, self-motivation, be victim to analysis paralysis, able to communicate efficiently, and focused on the bottom line. With these five traits checked off of your list, you are sure to have a great team of medical billers.
At Precision Medical Billing we work hard at all of these things and entrust a whole slew of expert medical billers, so we can guarantee it!
“I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles…”

  • Christopher Reeve (1952-2004)