Facebook Live Presentation - Q&A About NOA’s

A Team of panelists from Precision Medical Billing (PMB) answered specific questions presented in the PDGM Facebook Group about NOA’s.  In addition, the PMB experts provided helpful tips about NOAs throughout the live presentation. Panelists: Petria McKelvey—CEO, Precision Medical Billing Sue Brooks—Director of Billing and Client Services, Precision Medical Billing Rosie Baker—Revenue Recovery Supervisor, Precision […]

Increase Billing Accuracy for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Services

Article Highlights Physicians can improve the patient care experience through the new Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program. The RPM program has unique physician medical billing requirements. PMB can provide you with outsourced medical billing to ensure that your billings are accurate and that you receive payment for RPM services. *** One of the newest programs […]

Prepare Now For the Home Health Value Based Purchasing Model

Article Highlights CMS introduced the Home Health Value Based Purchasing Model (HHVBP) in nine U.S. states in 2016. CMS is planning to roll out the HHVBP program across the entire country in 2022. Home health agencies (HHAs) not currently under the HHVBP program should prepare now to maximize revenue collections. *** The Centers for Medicare […]

Work With a Denial Management Company to Increase Revenue Collections

Article Highlights More than half of denied claims are not re-worked, leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Optimizing front office practices can help with denial management. Outsourcing medical billing to a denial management company can help physicians collect every owed dollar. *** Physicians often lose significant amounts of revenue on a daily, monthly, and […]

We Help Home Health Agencies With Review Choice Demonstration (RCD)

Article Highlights Every year, there is considerable home health care fraud in the U.S. CMS has rolled out a Home Health (HH) Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) program to help prevent fraud. PMB can support your efforts to satisfy the Medicare prior authorization requirements through pre-claim review (PCR) so that you can receive payment for services. […]

We Can Serve As Your Home Health Intake Coordinator

Article Highlights Home health patients are trending toward using insurance, not traditional Medicare. Intake and insurance verification is critical when working with third party payers. Let PMB serve as your home health intake coordinator to receive payment for services. *** Home health agencies have a lot to consider before ever providing services to patients. Because […]

What Separates Revenue Cycle Management Companies?

Article Highlights Millions of dollars are wasted every month on inefficient revenue cycle management. Physicians can improve revenue cycle management by outsourcing processes. Precision Medical Billing (PMB) has separated ourselves by driving process improvements to optimize revenue collections for our clients. *** Every month, physicians throughout the U.S. waste millions of dollars because of poor […]

Are You Paying Close Attention To These Physician Billing KPIs?

Article Highlights Physicians are working through financial stress running their practice. Build out your physician billing KPIs to monitor the health of the practice. Outsource medical billing to PMB to collect all revenue you are entitled to. *** Physicians across the U.S. have dealt with a tremendous amount of upheaval since the pandemic. Changes in […]

Consider Our Home Health Eligibility & Prior Authorization Solution

Article Highlights Home health agencies are dealing more and more with private insurance companies, not just Medicare. Working with private insurance companies comes with a unique set of eligibility and prior authorization requirements. Work with PMB to alleviate administrative burden managing the Medicare and private insurance payer mix. *** Home health agencies are accustomed to […]

Don’t Let Medicare Take Your Money Because of Poor Documentation

Article Highlights Document “reasonable and necessary” services when providing care to terminally ill patients. Medicare will audit services at a later time to evaluate the validity of care provided. Good documentation leads to good medical billing to receive — and keep — revenue for services provided. *** For patients diagnosed with a terminal illness, the […]

5 Surprising Ways to Optimize Cash Flow For Physicians

Article Highlights Healthcare providers leave billions of dollars on the table every year due to poor medical billing processes. There are many surprising ways for physicians to optimize cash flow through improved medical billing. PMB will handle your medical billing processes to increase cash flow. *** Did you know that healthcare providers fail to collect […]

Proudly Offering Medical Billing Services for Small Practices

Article Highlights Smaller medical practices are often bogged down by medical billing. Lack of medical billing resources can impair your ability to collect revenue and serve patients. Outsourcing medical billing to PMB can help your practice grow and thrive. *** Each medical practice has its own unique pain points and struggles. While larger medical facilities […]

Select PMB As Your Billing Agency When Applying To Be Medicare Certified

Article Highlights Medicare is very concerned about fraud in home health care claims. Indicating a billing agency on your CMS-855A application shows that you take this seriously. Understand the role of accrediting agencies on the path to being Medicare certified. *** Becoming a Medicare-certified home health agency is a challenging, time-consuming process. CMS, which administers […]

We Provide Emergency or Virtual Home Health Billing For Your Agency

Article Highlights Employee turnover can negatively impact home health billing. We provide emergency billing support or virtual billing support in a pinch. We can step in as a medical billing manager to optimize revenue collection. Consider providing education and training to your office staff on home health billing. *** Home health agencies often run into […]

Here’s How We Protect Patient Information to Support Your Billings

Article Highlights Technology has created efficiencies in handling medical billing. Technology has also introduced data security challenges with patient records. Work with PMB to securely manage billings in accordance with HIPAA requirements. *** The growth of technology used in healthcare has been instrumental in creating cohesive medical billing systems and ensuring billing accuracy. Yet, with […]

Use Medical Billing Outsourcing to Avoid Regulatory Headaches

Article Highlights Constant regulatory changes can create intense pressure on healthcare providers. Medical billing often suffers when staff try to keep up with regulations. Outsource medical billing to PMB to support revenue cycle management. *** Regulations are one of the biggest headaches that healthcare providers must deal with to run a successful practice. And, the […]

3 Ways to Be Successful With Telemedicine Medicare Billing

Article Highlights Telemedicine usage is on the rise among seniors. You need processes to support complex telemedicine Medicare billing. Consider outsourcing Medicare telemedicine billing to PMB. *** Medical practitioners may think that telehealth services are only on the rise among younger patients that are accustomed to using technology for everyday life. However, telehealth services are […]

Improve the Patient Experience Through Registration

Story Highlights Patient satisfaction is priority #1 for healthcare providers. Optimize the registration and check-in process to improve patient satisfaction. Consider contactless check-in in the COVID-19 environment. *** Difficulty with scheduling, long wait times, and delayed access to a physician are just a few of the common qualms that patients have with healthcare providers. While […]

How to Improve Medical Billing And Collect More Revenue

Article Highlights Constant changes in healthcare affect medical billing and revenue collections. Identify common billing challenges holding back your healthcare organization. Take action by improving processes and outsourcing medical billing to PMB. *** Constant changes to the healthcare industry make it difficult for physicians, medical practices, and other healthcare providers to keep up with things […]