Why do you need a hospital billing service?

Each year, $125 billion is left on the table due to poor medical billing practices.

Put the money you’re owed back in your hospital’s pocket! Between changing regulations, rejected claims misfiling, and inaccurate billing, your hospital can’t afford to take on complicated billing by itself.

At Precision Medical Billing, we specialize in total A/R management so hospitals can increase their cash flow and get back to what matters.

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Precision Medical Billing is a leading national medical billing and training company. Precision Medical Billing has been helping medical providers improve and simplify their medical billing processes for over 20 years. With Precision Medical Billing, you get the expertise of a dedicated billing partner, complete with a team of professionals that will work for you to maximize your revenues; giving you the peace-of-mind you need to focus on providing exceptional quality healthcare to your patients.

Your patients’ first visit to the hospital is the ideal time to create a detailed and accurate file for their future payments. PMB will be your in-house administrative staff members and coordinate registration personnel to ensure your recordkeeping is pristine and useful during collections. Depending on your needs, administrative management can include:

  • Front Office
  • Registration
  • e-Scheduling

Changing regulations, updated reimbursement requirements and similar hurdles have made it more difficult than ever to receive payment for services provided. Our team works with you to evaluate your current processes, eliminate factors to reduce your revenue and ensure you capture every dollar you are owed. Total A/R Management includes:

  • Billing/Collections
  • Denials/Appeals Management
  • Early Out and Self Pay
  • Audits/ A/R Cleanup

Let PMB handle overpayments and keep your books balanced, all while remaining in compliance with federal regulations. Our credit balance services include:

  • Timely Reporting
  • Processing Credit Balances
  • Patient Credits
  • Secondary Insurance Payments

If your payers are reducing their fee schedules, you must implement aggressive negotiations to keep it from impacting your revenue. PMB will respond to contract negotiation notices and keep an eye on existing contracts so we’re ready to negotiate any percentage changes.

  • Expected Payment Reporting
  • Up-To-Date Payer Matrix
  • Renegotiation Reminders
  • Medicare Schedule Analysis
  • Existing Contract Evaluation