Eliminate Home Health Billing Errors

Home health agencies face unique obstacles when it comes to billing practices. Medicare reimbursements focus on regulatory reporting compliance, meeting quality initiatives, and submission of appropriate documentation, just to name a few. Billing errors cost home health agencies significant amounts, not only in reduced reimbursements, but in penalties if mistakes occur.
Eliminate those home health billing errors!
Eliminate home health billing errors by taking steps to prevent them. How?

  • Verify eligibility prior to service. One of the most common billing errors is also one of the most easily rectified – verification of eligibility prior to service by the provider. Using resources wisely, such as hiring a professional billing service, your facility has the potential to reduce this type of error. Timeliness and accuracy in verification and eligibility of benefits eliminates errors that cost you money.
  • Make sure the paperwork is valid. Any inaccuracies or missing pieces of information such as documentation may trigger a medical review or an additional development request (ADR). Some home health agencies tap one of their own employees to deal with billing. Unfortunately, lack of proper training and familiarity with OASIS assessments and Form 485 information often result in billing errors.
  • Review claims submission rejections or ADR in a timely manner. You and your staff are busy. However, failure to carefully track claims rejections or ADR requests quickly and efficiently, especially those that come from Medicare, result in increased A/R days as well as the danger of a claim ‘slipping between the cracks’.

Failure to keep up to date with ever-changing regulations regarding forms and documentation for services provided by a home health agency is another contributing reason for delayed or rejected payments. Compliance with federal and state regulations and standards is essential to avoid delays. Transparency is also essential.
Professional billing services reduce risks
Precision Medical Billing can help your agency reduce administrative burden and eliminate the most common errors in home health care agency billing practices. We’ll take care of the billing so your agency can get back to doing what you do best. Contact us today for a free consultation.