3 Important Characteristics of Quality Medical Billing Companies

Physicians, medical practice owners, home health agencies, and hospice groups experienced a tremendous amount of stress during the COVID-19 pandemic. There were so many new challenges to navigate, especially as it relates to how to provide patient care.

These challenges likely impacted your ability to focus on revenue cycle management, billing processes, dealing with insurance companies, and managing cash flow.

Now that we are one year removed from the initial disruption, it may be time to consider outsourcing your billing and collection so that you can re-focus on providing quality health care services to patients.

The key is understanding how to evaluate medical billing companies to find the best provider of medical billing services that fits your practice and post-pandemic needs. Here’s just a few reasons why we believe Precision Medical Billing stands out as a leading option.

Why Our Medical Billing and Coding Services?

At our core, PMB is focused on 100 percent success increasing revenue collections and providing quality customer support for each healthcare client that we support. Here’s how we deliver on our promise.

1. We Are Experts in Billing and Coding

Too many healthcare providers lose revenue and experience negative cash flow because their billing department or other billers are not properly trained on the intricacies of billing and coding. 

It is a very challenging task that goes beyond the skillset of basic data entry. Proper billing and coding requires expertise to understand complex billing systems, health insurance language, HIPAA claim requirements, and how to follow proper procedures.

In fact, a recent study published by Becker’s estimates that 80 percent of medical bills contain errors. That alone should make you seek out quality medical billing companies that can help you avoid common errors.

At Precision Medical Billing, we take pride in handling the training, paperwork, and other important details in billing and coding. Our team is made of true experts. We handle the details so that you can focus on providing care.

2. We Are Persistent in Billing and Coding

Providing home health care services, urgent care services, and other medical services can often feel like a 24-hour job. You don’t have time to worry about billing errors and having to re-submit claims.

That’s where we come into play persistently following up on claims and re-processing claims until they are finalized. This is especially the case with Medicare and Medicaid claims that are routinely denied. We will not rest until each denied claim is processed so that you can receive payment for your valuable services.

We also stay on top of the latest changes in medical billing and coding to keep your practice on track. It’s about providing exceptional customer service to our clients so that your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

3. We Will Maximize Revenue Collections

During these difficult times for the healthcare industry, you need to collect all of the revenue that you are entitled to. We will do everything in our power to help you collect revenue by following proper billing processes.

If you’re suffering from a revenue cycle process that needs improvement, then we can help through our outsourced services. We are proud to be recognized as a global leader in revenue cycle solutions and a strategic partner to the healthcare industry that delivers results for our clients.

Our team will appreciate the opportunity to craft a custom revenue cycle management solution for your practice. We’ll take into account the types of services you provide, the challenges you experience collecting revenue, and your needs for processing claims. We’ll work together to create a clear path forward to optimize revenue collections.

Contact PMB for Expert Billing and Coding Support

Becker Hospital Review recently named Precision Medical Billing as the #1 medical billing company in the U.S. It is a humbling recognition for our company.

For the past 25 years, we have specialized in billing, coding, and identifying revenue optimization opportunities for practices just like yours.

Give us a call or schedule a free consultation to find out why our medical billing company is the right fit for your practice. We’ll help you get back on track with revenue collections and cash flow after the pandemic disruption.