Apex Home Health and Hospice

Home Health & Hospice Care

Apex Home Health and Hospice is a locally owned company in Oklahoma City with 30+ years of clinical experience in hospice and home health care.

Strategic Solutions

  • Payment issue analysis
  • Expert Revenue Recovery
  • Utilization of United Healthcare’s VBID program
  • Full payment of claims
  • Reinforced billing systems for consistent revenue management

Apex faced significant challenges receiving payments from UnitedHealthcare (UHC) under the Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) program. This issue caused financial strain and inefficiency in their revenue cycle management, hindering their ability to manage their financial health effectively.

Precision Medical Billing (PMB) applied its expertise in UHC’s VBID program to establish two Revenue Recovery Agreements with Apex. After an in-depth analysis of Apex’s revenue cycle challenges, PMB developed a targeted strategy to enhance billing efficiency and payment consistency. This approach significantly improved Apex’s financial stability and operational confidence.

Our efforts culminated in a resounding success, with all outstanding UHC claims being fully paid in the revenue recovery. This endeavor resulted in the recovery of approximately $200,000 in collections, significantly bolstering the client’s financial position. Encouraged by these results, the client further solidified their partnership with PMB by signing a Billing Agreement. This arrangement has ensured that their UHC VBID claims are now being billed regularly and paid consistently, securing a stable and reliable revenue stream.

Precision Medical Billing has been in the business of revenue recovery since 1995. Our commitment to your agency is paramount. Partner with PMB by outsourcing your revenue cycle management, and we pledge to handle even the most complicated billing and recovery issues so you can get back to what matters – your patients.