DeNiel Foot and Ankle Center

Foot and Ankle Clinic

DeNiel Foot and Ankle Center, is a Houston based practice offers foot and ankle care services since 2018. The practice averages nearly 325 monthly patient claims.

Strategic Solutions

  • Implemented My Clear Visit (MCV) services to optimize patient scheduling and insurance verification.
  • Streamlined patient payment processes and ensured consistent billing for services, maintaining steady revenue.
  • Pursued aggressive follow-up on unpaid claims to improve cash flow.
  • Developed comprehensive front-end operational processes.
  • Established systematic billing procedures.
  • Facilitated the recruitment of an Office Manager for comprehensive operational oversight.

When DeNiel Foot and Ankle Center initially approached Precision Medical Billing, it was in the early stages of its establishment. The team consisted only of a doctor and a part-time medical assistant (MA), leaving it in urgent need of comprehensive support for all non-clinical operations within the practice.

Precision Medical Billing enhanced the administrative operations at DeNiel Foot and Ankle Center by implementing our Managed Care Verification services with My Clear Visit. These services improved patient scheduling, insurance verification, and payment management processes. Additionally, we strengthened the practice’s financial health through efficient billing and diligent follow-up on unpaid claims, simultaneously establishing essential operational frameworks.

Our strategic approach empowered DeNiel to concentrate on their fundamental mission of patient care. The foundation established by PMB paved the way for the seamless integration of an Office Manager, who adeptly assumed control of the processes we implemented, steering the practice toward operational excellence and sustainable growth.

Precision Medical Billing has been in the business of revenue recovery since 1995. Our commitment to your practice is paramount. Partner with PMB by outsourcing your revenue cycle management, and we pledge to handle even the most complicated billing and recovery issues so you can get back to what matters – your patients.