4 Easy-to-Use RCM Software Platforms for Home Health

Every type of healthcare system needs an organizational process to keep their finances in order, including home health services. In order to be sure that clinical functions such as claims processing, payment, and revenue generation are being accurately accomplished, facilities will often turn to a healthcare revenue cycle management software.
If you don’t have a clear and organized process to manage and collect patient service revenue, your home health services could be at risk of inability to effectively run your business and ultimately treat patients.

Picking the Right Billing Platform

There are a lot of finance organization programs out there, and when it comes to keeping track of your funds, you need to know that you are using one you can understand fully. To help you find the right one for you we have a compiled a list of the four easiest revenue cycle management software programs for home health care based on popularity, the features provided, and customer reviews.

  1. 1. Kinnser

Kinnser is a web-based software that is specifically created to make home health care easier. Check out the website to read about customer satisfaction and more it’s features in more detail.
The list of features it provides include:

  • Intake & Scheduling
  • Delivery Of Care
  • Financial Reporting
  • Filing Claims
  • Quality Assurance
  1. 2. Homecare Homebase

Homecare Homebase is based in the cloud and another platform created to provide ease to hospice and home care facilities. The features it includes provides ease of communication between your field staff, office, and physicians.
The list of features they provide in this area include:

  • Progress Notes
  • Medication Tracking
  • HHRG Scoring
  • Management Reporting Tools
  • Billing Features
  1. 3. Alora

Alora’s platform also has a number of organizational systems including home health software. It provides a comprehensive systems to meet needs for both Medicare certified skilled care agencies and non-skilled care agencies as well.
The list of features they provide include:

  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Alerts
  • HR Functions
  • Electronic Signature
  • Physician Orders
  • Internal Email
  • Quality Assurance
  • Communication Log
  • Referral Tracking
  • Medication Profile

4. Devero

Netsmart’s web-based home health software, Devero, is another easy-to-use program for financial organization that can be accessed on iPads, Android tablets, and other mobile smartphones.
The list of features they provide include:

  • Electronic Charting
  • Home Health Scheduling
  • Home Health Billing
  • Reporting
  • Secure Communication
  • Document Manager
  • Physician, Family, and Patient Portals

Getting The Most Out of Your Software

Though these platforms are built to be easy-to-use, you cannot always be sure that your team is using them correctly or with full awareness. A medical billing company can provide you with the knowledge and training to secure your home health facility’s financial organization. Precision Medical Billing services will be tailored to your company’s individual needs and the revenue cycle management software you are already using. Ease your administrative load with medical billing, collections, and the thorough staff trainings. For more information on medical billing and the services, we can provide, contact us here.