CareForum Event Recap: Sharing Our Passion for Providers To Be Paid!

The Precision Medical Billing (PMB) team enjoys attending industry conferences to hear about the latest healthcare trends. We are also reminded of our central mission to make the medical billing process easier for providers.
In September, the PMB team attended the CareForum 2018 conference in San Antonio, Texas, presented by Mediware/Kinnser (now WellSky). One of the themes of the healthcare conference was utilizing software to ensure that providers get paid for services.
The conference theme created the perfect opportunity for PMB founder and CEO Petria McKelvey-Pierre to discuss her passion for helping providers understand proper medical billing and claim filings. Her key points focused on helping providers understand the revenue cycle, the barriers to receiving payment for services, and how software makes the process easier.
CareForum 2018 was designed to help software end-users be successful with their medical billings and claims. Petria was able to encourage administrators, owners, and CFOs through her presentation, providing peace of mind that there is a solution to address their payment concerns.

Why Is It Important to Highlight Medical Billing Issues?

Caregivers and healthcare professionals should be able to focus on providing the highest quality services to their patients. What we heard at the conference is that there are too many encumbrances in the healthcare space that are preventing service providers from achieving their objective to best serve each patient.
One of those impediments is medical billing. Healthcare providers are challenged to know the intricacies of the medical billing process to make sure they get paid correctly and on time. One mistake or one missed deadline could affect a provider’s viability and cash flow.
It was important for Petria to share the latest information about medical billing so that professionals are aware of the challenges they need to address. The presentation also helped them be aware of an outsourcing solution through Precision Medical Billing.

Contact PMB for a Medical Billing Solution

PMB appreciates the opportunity to talk directly to providers, whether at a healthcare conference or over the phone. We want to ensure that providers understand the medical billing process to be properly paid.
Consider outsourcing your medical billing and claims to PMB, where we will work hard to support your practice by streamlining your medical billing process. Contact us today to inquire about our services.