Solving the Need for Telemedicine Billing Solutions During COVID-19

Before the global pandemic, who could have imagined a world where medicine shifted paradigms virtually overnight. While government officials and health leaders urged patients to stay at home, medical professionals struggled to continue providing quality care to their dedicated patients. It certainly expedited the timeline to expand medical practice adoptIon of telehealth services.

Prior to the pandemic, select offices and health care professionals offered telemedicine services in certain settings and for certain services. Not all doctors or offices were interested in providing this type of healthcare service.

Yet, when the pandemic hit, few options offered the safety and protection that telemedicine visits provided. With an almost instantaneous shift to this type of care, medical providers faced struggles they had never had to endure before. One of the primary challenges was needing to quickly get up to speed on telemedicine billing and telemedicine coding to ensure accuracy and to receive appropriate payment for services.

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Maintaining a Telemedicine Billing and Coding Regimen

The struggle to provide quality medical care while maintaining a functional schedule for telemedicine coding can take the focus away from what truly matters in a health care setting: the patient. The quick shift to telehealth for routine office visits and regular care created the need for better efficiency in telemedicine coding processes. After all, claims still need to be submitted in a sufficient amount of time to allow for proper insurance processing and billing. So, how can entities with limited staff make it work?

While some entities prefer to let claims go for an extended period due to a lack of manpower, others opt for hiring additional staff or paying staff overtime to complete telemedicine billing and coding in a timely manner. However, what if neither of these solutions is appropriate for your organization? You are not alone in this constraint.

At Precision Medical Billing, we offer solutions for physicians, home health organizations, and hospice groups who are facing the hardships of these unprecedented times. To ensure your telemedicine patient services are being properly coded and billed, our staff of trained professionals take the time to review your specific practice’s routine and formulates a plan to assist in this task.

With extensive experience in coding and billing for any type of telehealth service or procedure, we make the process of collecting money for services rendered easier. The plan we develop for each entity is specific to your needs, and PMB excels in medical billing and coding for virtual health visit due to our expertise and experience in this specific area.

Challenges That are Unique to Telemedicine

Though virtual visits and telemedicine have created an atmosphere of convenience for patients during the global pandemic, the billing side of this type of activity is not as straightforward. In fact, many insurance companies did not even cover telemedicine prior to the pandemic. This is one of the reasons why it can be so difficult to keep up with a proper telehealth billing and coding regimen.

More complicated and time-consuming than ever before, telemedicine coding and billing requires a level of skill and education that takes billing and coding procedures a step further. Functioning off a unique set of medical codes and billing procedures, staff are forced to learn a new system that is entirely new to them. Without help from an outside organization, like PMB, health care organizations are left to their own devices. Oftentimes, this can be detrimental.

Not only are the codes, themselves, new in current telehealth practices, but the timelines for billing and payment remittance have also seen some changes. Organizations are being held to new billing standards for common telemedicine practices, and they are being forced to adapt at an unheard rate of speed.

This situation has created many back-office complications around the emergence of mainstream telehealth, requiring a professional touch to support the widespread deployment of telemedicine in an efficient manner.

How Precision Medical Billing Can Help You

If you are struggling to keep up with the volume or complexity of medical coding and billing in this new era of telemedicine, you are not alone. Our company can provide logical solutions for your hardships. Outsourcing this integral part of any healthcare practice can save time, money, and frustration that is often involved in attempting to handle this complex procedure in-house.

Not only do we assist with telemedicine billing and coding, but we also specialize in doing so for unique health care settings. While these may include virtual care visits for primary physicians, we also serve hospice entities and home health care organizations. The use of Medicare in these health care settings makes billing and coding for virtual health visits even more complex. Adding a new layer to things such as billings for a Medicare beneficiary or prescription drugs can create even more strife for professionals not familiar with these processes associated with Medicare telehealth services.

However, by investing in services provided by PMB, you can find peace of mind as we take care of the hard work associated with telehealth billing and coding. Our professionals are educated, experienced, and familiar with the requirements of this type of process. Just one mistake in insurance billing can create months of distress and wasted time for healthcare organizations. You can make sure to avoid these scenarios by trusting our expert team.

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Let us help with the intricate details of billing for telehealth visits. This way, you can focus on the patients that need your utmost attention and you can gain confidence that you will receive timely payment for your valuable services. Contact Precision Medical Billing today to discuss how we can assist you during this new era for healthcare providers.