We Provide Emergency or Virtual Home Health Billing For Your Agency

Article Highlights

  • Employee turnover can negatively impact home health billing.
  • We provide emergency billing support or virtual billing support in a pinch.
  • We can step in as a medical billing manager to optimize revenue collection.
  • Consider providing education and training to your office staff on home health billing.


Home health agencies often run into challenges with employee turnover, which leads to constantly training new talent on how to key administrative functions in the agency.

Unfortunately, home health billing can easily be overlooked as you try to get new talent up to speed on their role in the agency. Perhaps a new person you hire is unfamiliar with billing. They’re great at other admin tasks, which is why you hired this individual, but they’re not familiar with how billing works.

This is where Precision Medical Billing (PMB) can step in to provide emergency or virtual home health billing support. We can serve as your billing manager, providing an interim solution while you look to get your office staff up to speed.

Additionally, we can provide coaching and training to your staff to build their competency in home health billing and help them gain confidence in their role.

Taking action now is important to ensure that you continue to submit complete and thorough claims for home health services that you provided. Otherwise, you risk having claims rejected, which will negatively impact revenue collection for your agency.

Find out more about how we can help your agency stay on track during a workforce transition period.

An Interim or Long-Term Solution for Home Health Billing

Our medical billing company can handle medical billing for your agency for as long as you need support. Whether you just need us on an emergency basis because your team is short-staffed, or if you need a long-term solution through our virtual billing support, we can help stabilize the situation.

We understand how to bill for specific services that you provide to each patient and how to manage the different mixes of Medicare Part A and traditional insurance.

It’s a challenging time for home health agencies that previously only dealt with Medicare. Your staff previously only had to know how to meet Medicare requirements when submitting claims. Now, agencies are having to work with insurance companies, which is a completely different world when it comes to billing.

If you are trying to bring on new staff to support billing, this can be a very challenging situation trying to help them understand the differences between billing for Medicare and billing for insurance. There are different forms, processes, and revenue codes to consider. This can easily be overwhelming for someone who is new to medical billing for home health.

Let us know how we can step in and bridge the gap as you try to support your staff. This also leads to how we can help solve the longer-term issue that could be in-play for your agency.

We Provide Medical Billing Training and Education

You may want a higher level of service beyond our company serving as a stopgap until you can bring your team up to speed on medical billing. We can provide training and education to your team on how home health billing works.

Whether you just hired someone new who is unfamiliar with billing, or if you want to train your entire team on billing so that the work is more evenly distributed in the office, we can provide training on key issues that your staff will encounter in their role.

We currently offer a dedicated Home Health Billing Course through the academic arm of our company, Precision Medical Billing Institute (PMBi). We can deliver this same course material to your team on an individual or team basis.

During the training session, we will introduce your team to health insurance and reimbursement in the home health industry. We’ll teach your employees the basic principles of medical billing, including proper claim form preparation, submission and payment processing, and the follow-up process. We’ll also go over how to use the UB04 claim form for submitting claims to Medicare.

We believe in providing your team with the tools they need for success. While we can certainly serve as an interim or long-term solution managing medical billing for your agency, we can also teach your team how to perform billing. Regardless of what services you need, we can help your agency improve medical billing so that you can receive payment for services!

Contact PMB To Discuss Home Health Billing Solutions

When you are faced with a difficult situation trying to find support for home health billing, please reach out to us to discuss the circumstances. We recognize that employee turnover or employees going on leave can set back a home health agency. Don’t let billing fall by the wayside. Let us optimize billing so that you receive every dollar you are owed for the services you have provided to patients.

We make it our responsibility to make your team’s job easier, and we do so by providing expert management, guidance, and education in the areas where you need help the most. Reach out to PMB today for a free consultation. We’re here to help your home health agency.