Home Health April 2024 IPR Available

The Final April 2024 Interim Performance Reports (IPRs) for home health agencies (HHAs) are now accessible through the Internet Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (iQIES). These reports, located in the “HHA Provider Preview Reports” folder, are available to authorized iQIES users and reflect the latest data and revisions.

Key Points:

  • IPRs are specific to each CMS Certification Number (CCN) assigned to the HHA.
  • The Final IPR supersedes the Preliminary IPR and includes all approved recalculations and updates.
  • Due to recent system updates, CMS has revised certain HHVBP claims-based measures, which are reflected in this final version of the report.

For assistance with accessing or interpreting the reports, contact the QIES/iQIES Service Center at (800) 339-9313 or via email at iqies@cms.hhs.gov. Additionally, for further questions, reach out to the Expanded HHVBP Model Help Desk at HHVBPquestions@cms.hhs.gov.