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Your team didn’t get in to medicine because of the data entry, paperwork and other tedious office tasks. It wanted to make a difference. PMB offers a wide range of services to ease your administrative workload.

Physician Services

At PMB, we pride ourselves on offering quality services and support, custom-fit to meet your individual needs and work within your existing software. Leave the details to us, so you can return focus to the real work at hand.

Hospital Services

Each year, $125 billion is left on the table due to poor medical billing practices. Between changing regulations, rejected claims misfiling and inaccurate billing, your hospital can’t afford to take on complicated billing by itself.

We understand how much you need your money. Let us help you collect it.

In these challenging economic times, can you really afford to be losing money due to a poorly producing biller or billing processes?

Billing and collections are the life source of your company. With everything else they have to do besides billing, most billers don’t have the time to be as thorough as needed. Most billers have not been trained enough and have no where to turn for questions and concerns in regards to claims issues. Without an efficient biller or billing team, your collections decline and your hard work goes to waste.


Solutions to help your business grow.

Did you know that PMB can remotely log in to your billing software and clearinghouse? We'll make sure you are receiving maximum reimbursement! Based on the size of your agency and your monthly revenue, you decide which level will work best for you. We have three levels to choose from.




Payment Posting
ERA Set up
Virtual Guide to Paperless
Pre-Billing Audits


Includes all of Basic
MAC/ EDI Paterwork
Credit Balance Reports
Unbilled Claims Reports


Includes all of Basic and Pro
PEP Disputes
Billing for Supplies
MSP Billing Questions
Stats & Reimburstment Report

Not sure which option to choose?


PMB CEO Petria McKelvey and Physician Liaison Sue Brooks have learned to work well with my practice over time, and I feel very confident with the organization’s service and expertise. I found the CEO to be much more responsive over time as the company became more familiar with my practice.

Dr. James L.

Don't let the
revenue monster

chew through your money!

Listen to our CEO give insight on being
proactive versus reactive with your revenue cycle.

What's Inside

  • Treat Every Patients as Cash Patients
  • Provide Education to Your Patients
  • Offer a Patient Portal with 24/7 Access

To receive more insight on how to execute a plan that supports these elements, simply complete this form to watch the video.

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The Precision Medical Billing team looks forward to working with you! If you have questions about our services, or would simply like more information, we are always happy to help.

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